Laser for Wart

Do you have single or multiple warts (Verrucae)?

Does your child have warts that are spreading?

Warts are common conditions we see here at My Feet Podiatry especially in kids.

Majority of our wart patients choose to go with K – LASER as primary treatment. K – Laser offers a non-invasive treatment consisting of single therapeutic sessions. It generally requires only 1-2 sessions to kill the warts.

Advantages of K - Laser for Warts:

Verrucae, known as wart, is caused by a virus transmitted through skin. They can easily spread to the surrounding skin surface and cause clusters of warts to form. It can also spread to other people from contaminated surfaces or through close skin contact. You’re more likely to spread a wart if your skin is wet or damaged.

Also, there are different options in treating warts here at My Feet Podiatry.

Wart Laser Fee Schedule:

$100 ~ $120
Single Session
  • Call or email us today for any enquiries regarding your Wart treatment.
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