Custom Orthotics

Custom 3D Orthotics

At My Feet Podiatry, one of our specialities is treating foot conditions with precise and affordable 3D Custom Orthotics.
Our clinic has high confidence and pride in putting your feet in the correct position with orthotics to improve your pain, condition, work, or sports performance.
With precision 3D scanning, podiatrist’s assessments and prescription, the orthotic lab technicians will produce Custom Orthotics based on your feet 3D scans.

Brief overview of steps involved in making a pair of
Customised 3D Orthotic at My Feet Podiatry:

If you are suffering with below Conditions / Signs or Symptoms, the podiatrist will examine and discuss whether you will benefit from Customized Orthotics Therapy

For ladies requiring Custom Orthotics for court shoes or high heels (approx. 5cm high), we make comfortable and supportive orthotics to fit into your shoes.

*K-Laser Therapy (pain management) in conjunction with Orthotic Therapy, is highly effective in reducing inflammation and promoting healing*

For Kids/Children all ages:

Both Custom and Semi-Custom Orthotics can produce successful outcomes

Click here for our Kids Podiatry page.


Hypermobility [common among kids]

Growing Pain such as Heel Pain, Inside Arch Pain, Ankle / Knee Pain

Prevention [Imperative we manage and prevent child’s potential foot and leg problems for short/long term]

Enhance child’s school activities/sports performance by positioning the feet in most optimal position

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries related to feet.

At My Feet Podiatry, we are here to help you with any podiatry issues you may be dealing with.
We look forward to assisting you in your journey towards recovery.

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