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Does your Child have sore Foot, Ankle or Leg?

Whether your loving child is 12 months old or 18 years old, our fun and experienced podiatrist is dedicated in guiding your child’s feet and legs through their developmental stages.

Common Foot & Ankle conditions in Children

Children’s feet formation and structures are different to that of adult’s feet.

It is best for child’s foot issues to be assessed, treated, and nurtured early as most foot problems we treat in adults have stemmed from young ages.

Our podiatrist, Andrew, main speciality has always been treating Paediatrics, Kids and Adolescent foot problems.
His friendly and playful approach to young children has been both popular for parents and nervous children. For kids that are in the middle to high school age group, his key concept is to assess and treat each child for most optimal results both short- and long-term. For example, if a child comes in with flatfeet or a collapsed arch, he will palpate and examine all joints, muscles, assess the gait and hip to knee to ankle alignment, examine the region of pain, and come up with an effective short- and long-term treatment plan.
Often when a child presents with flatfeet or rolling in feet, the cause/types behind it can vary. The causes can arise from one or more of different biomechanical faults such as ankle / heel position / midfoot motion / bones in the arch / knee motion / hypermobility / tendon / soft tissue / footwear etc. It is important to precisely identify the causes of the problem rather than generalizing the conditions.

(approx. 12 months – 4 year old)

For younger paediatrics, they are best to be assessed every 6-12 months for general check-up. Child’s foot is made primarily of cartilage during the first 1-4 years of life.

These soft bones are often vulnerable to abnormal joint pressure or forces from ill-fitting shoes. With regular check-ups and footwear advice, we can shape your child’s feet in better position as they grow into pre-school / prep age group.

Customized 3D Orthotics & Semi-Custom Orthotic options

If your child requires orthotics, our podiatrist works closely with orthotic laboratory technicians in making a child’s orthotics.

Benefits with orthotics at My Feet Podiatry are that we have different type of orthotic options, wide range of orthotic materials, precise 3D scanning, full biomechanical and gait assessments, affordability and positive outcome.


Gait assessment is pivotal part of child’s foot and leg assessment. Our podiatrist put emphasis on gait motion from hip to knee, knee to ankle, and rearfoot to midfoot as critical part of identifying any potential alignment problems.

Depending on child’s physiological age and body shape, the gait patterns and timing can vary considerably. Combination of findings from gait and biomechanical assessment will be discussed with parents and child in determining the next step.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to your child’s feet.

At My Feet Podiatry, we frequently give advice to parents who are particularly concerned about their children’s feet and legs developments.
We offer in clinic free 10 minute screening (please call the clinic if you wish to arrange this assessment).

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